Training insect rearing (STAP)


The Amusca HF-Larvae Breeding Unit consists of two 40 ft sea containers in which the flies develop from egg to pupa and larvae. This growth unit is an idea of Dr. ir. Walter Jansen, expert in insects. The Larvae breeding units are technically realized by Mavitec. Six million flies live in the unit. They will lay approximately 151 million eggs in 24 hours. It will take about 8 hours for these eggs to become larvae. In three days there will be 3500 kilos of larvae. To implement and manage these HF-Larvae Units, Amusca and Aeres TCI developed a training of 5 days

  • Aeres Training Centre Barneveld
  • 5 days
  • 09:15 - 16:30
  • 8 minimum
Talent voor groei

At the end of this training the participant will have knowledge about following subjects:

  • The participant is able to recall the main insects used for insect rearing, as an alternative protein source.
    - The participant can express the pro’s and cons of rearing the housefly, compared to other insects.
  • The participant is able to summarise most important biological aspects of the housefly, needed for successful rearing of this species.
  • The participant can explain basic insect genetics needed to rear insects successfully.
    - The participant is able to explain the use of, and apply, genetic variation during rearing.
  • The participant is able to list housing and climate criteria for rearing the housefly.
    - The participant is able to operate the climate system to optimize rearing results and animal growth and survival.
  • The participant can describe general health criteria of housefly and diseases.
    - The participant is able to relate the criteria to housing and climate conditions.
    - The participant can recognise diseases and is able to evaluate and adjust the system to increase animal health.
  • The participant is able to implement insect, as an protein source, in animal feed.
    - The participant can list the criteria for formulating animal feed.
    - The participant is able to prepare housefly larvae in such a way to make them suitable for animal consumption.
  • After completing this training the participant will be able to manage and operate an AMUSCA unit to rear the optimal amount of insect larvae.
    - The participant must be able to successfully operate all parts of the AMUSCA insect unit.
    - The participant is able to inspect the rearing process and evaluate its outcome.
    - The participant is able to revise the rearing process by adjusting the operating system, based on its outcome


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